Sparring partner


We offer capital, expertise and international networks to companies looking to grow on international markets. We always invest together with other investors.

Internationalising growth companies

We invest in companies in their growth and internationalisation phases and M&A situations.

Pursuing a growth strategy generally demands long-term risk-taking and the division of risks among a number of owners. We are a minority shareholder, meaning we invest at most half of the total sum invested and our holding in a company can be at most 50%. Our co-investors are typically Finnish and international venture capital and private equity investors, pension funds, industrial investors and also private investors.

We invest in companies that seek to grow and to expand internationally. We prioritise Finnish firms or companies operating in Finland, but we may also invest in foreign companies if the capital is used for business development in Finland.

Venture Capital

We typically participate in series A, B and beyond with a total financing round size of €3m to €25m or more. We always invest together with private investors, mainly with Finnish and international venture capital funds.  We invest in different sectors, with strategic priorities being ICT, industrial digitalisation, health technologies and cleantech.

Our team members have solid experience of investing in growth companies, board work and creating value in portfolio companies. We are a recognised player with a good reputation in the Finnish venture capital sector. We can assist portfolio companies also in raising follow-on financing through our extensive international network.

Growth Capital

We make minority investments into companies that are pursuing international growth or expanding their operations in Finland. We are also looking for investment opportunities in mergers and acquisitions. High on our list of investment criteria are a credible growth plan, skilled management team and the knowhow needed for implementing a value creation plan in the Board of Directors and with co-investors.

Our co-investors are typically Finnish and international private equity funds, pension companies, and other institutional and private investors. Typically, portfolio companies generate net sales of €15m to €300m, and the size of our investment ranges between €5m and €20m. Our portfolio companies already have a track record of profitable and growing business operations.

We are particularly interested in companies that are developing new business or service models through digitalisation, while our strategic objectives are the cleantech, the bioeconomy and health technology sectors.

Our team has a long and diversified experience of investing, creating value in many different sectors and board work, as well as of providing advice and consultancy services supporting all investment activities.

Industrial Investments

Industrial investments are mainly focused on financing industrial companies, industrial investments and mergers & acquisitions. Industrial investments are closely aligned with Finland’s interests and are used to finance companies with industrial operations as well as investments in new plants, new equipment and expansion projects.  Financing packages for M&As are often created to build larger and internationally stronger corporate entities.

After the investment, we participate in business development alongside our private co-investors, mainly via board activities and strategy work.

Typically, portfolio companies' net sales are over €100m, and they enjoy strong international growth. The size of our investment generally ranges between €5m and €20m.

Our team members have solid and diversified experience of investing, board work and creating value in many different sectors, as well as of providing advice and consultancy services supporting all investment activities.  Our sector expertise includes specialised knowhow in telecoms, marine industries and the mining cluster.