Joni Karsikas | 2017-11-02

The Supercells of healthcare

Home to blockbuster games, Finland is now seeing a hype surging in healthtech and healthcare data. Who will capture the investment opportunity in this country of winning development teams, born-global...

Keith Bonnici | 2017-05-03

Jumping Higher, Thinking Bigger

Startup investments are an exit business – too often we forget this crucial principle. Exits feed new investments, enabling new growth.

Tomi Riihiranta | 2017-03-02

Finland – Low spirits undermine high potential?

International cross-pollination to help find winning combinations?

Henri Grundstén | 2017-02-07

How does the future look like for venture capital and private equity in Finland?

Globalisation is spreading, banks are retreating from their traditional role, new forms of financing are emerging, and expertise is gaining importance. These are the future trends predicted by experts...