Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility is a high priority

We operate responsibly, aiming for a beneficial social impact, profitable investment and the success of our portfolio companies and funds. We believe that responsibility is a competitive advantage for companies and a requirement for long-term success. We apply corporate responsibility at two levels: as choices made daily in our day-to-day work, and also as continuous development work over the long term.

We challenge portfolio companies, as well as our funds, to examine how our deeds and decisions affect the environment and society, not only from our viewpoint but also from the perspective of future generations, and to make our choices with this firmly in mind. We contribute to developing the corporate responsibility policies and practices of our portfolio funds and companies through board work and other collaboration channels. We comply not only with legislation but also with good corporate governance principles. We also conform to international norms and agreements on employee rights and the environment, and we require the same from the companies and funds in which we invest.

Responsibility is present in all Tesi’s activities. We prioritise our personnel’s skills and wellbeing, continuously develop our procedures and ensure our premises are appropriate. We are also responsible by being environmentally benign and cooperating smoothly both within Tesi and with our partners. In addition, for us responsibility means transparency in our activities, by always providing up-to-date information and communicating openly. Our goal is to create a work environment for our personnel in which we are comfortable, where we are enthusiastic about our work and we achieve excellent results.

Tesi's Board of Directors approves the corporate responsibility policy and monitors compliance with it. Tesi's CEO is responsible for managing corporate responsibility and all personnel are responsible for implementing it in their own work.

Responsible investment

We apply responsible investment principles in all our operations:

  • investments in funds
  • direct investments in portfolio companies
  • investments in liquid assets
  • management of KRR funds-of-funds

Tesi's guiding principle for responsible investment is to integrate responsibility aspects in investment processes and active ownership, as opposed to excluding certain sectors or companies from investment focus. When making an investment decision, however, we need to see that the investee company or fund is willing to develop and improve its responsibility, and that we will be able to influence the development of its operations together with our partners. 

  • The development of corporate responsibility is one element in long-term value creation in a company
  • We contribute to developing the corporate responsibility policies and practices of our portfolio funds and companies
  • We require management companies of the funds in which we invest:
    - to follow the principles of responsible investment (e.g. the UN’s PRI principles) and to include them in shareholders’ agreements or the fund’s documentation
    - to report on the status of portfolio companies’ corporate responsibility and on the responsible investment activities of the management company
  • We require companies in which we invest:
    - to comply with legislation and good corporate governance principles as well as to respect international norms and agreements on human rights, labour rights, the environment and anti-corruption measures
  • Different aspects of corporate responsibility are given priority in different companies. We focus on matters pertinent to the individual company.

We invest capital where it will produce the most beneficial impact: in the most promising companies so that they grow faster, create new jobs and generate wellbeing. The operations of our several portfolio companies focus on reducing environmental impacts, on reducing energy consumption or on developing healthcare.

We are a member of the Finnish Venture Capital Association (FVCA) and follow its openness and transparency guidelines.