Tesi as a company

Capital, expertise and networks

We accelerate companies' growth stories by investing in them, directly or via funds. Operating as an active minority owner, we provide access to business expertise and international networks. We invest together with private investors on the same terms as them and with the same expectations for returns.

As a state-owned investment company, our mission is to develop Finland’s venture capital and private equity market as well as to promote Finnish business and Finland’s economic growth.



Tesi helps Finland to the next level of growth and internationalisation

  • Finnish companies are even more eager to grow and take risks
  • There are more mid-sized companies in Finland
  • The Finnish venture capital and private equity market is international
  • Finnish ownership is based on expertise and set on international growth

Operating principles

Tesi was founded in 1995 to develop Finland’s venture capital and private equity market. Our operating principles are:

Operation on market conform terms

Each investment is always made hand-in-hand and on equal terms with a private lead investor or investors.

Profitability and impact

Our aim is not only to be commercially profitable but also to develop Finland’s venture capital and private equity market as well as to promote Finnish business, employment and economic growth.


We address and promote the principles of responsible investment not only in our own operations but also in those of our portfolio companies and funds.

Values - Solutions, Spirit & Guts, Together

We are open-minded in seeking solutions and we open up opportunities

  • We continually challenge ourselves and our portfolio companies and funds to find better solutions
  • We keep our eyes open for interesting phenomena and new ways of working

We influence and develop actively and boldly

  • We are proactive in developing portfolio companies and improving Finland’s private equity and venture capital market
  • We have expertise and a bold approach to work

We create results together

  • We connect entrepreneurs with the best partners for them
  • We learn from each other and make things happen