Annual Report 2014

Venture capital and private equity in Finland in 2014

Finland’s private equity and venture capital market showed brisk activity in 2014, particularly in view of the general economic situation. Finnish private equity and venture capital funds raised altogether €600m of new funds, the highest figure since the financial crisis. Overall, the assets managed by Finnish private equity and venture capital investment companies amounted to €5.6 billion at the end of the year.

Correspondingly, by volume, a record amount of private equity and venture capital investment was made in Finnish companies. Investments were made in some 300 companies, representing a 20% increase on the previous year. Of the total amount invested, €580m (€695m) was allocated to buyout investments and €110m (€134m) to venture capital investments. In the venture capital allocation, there was a marked increase in the proportion of seed investments in companies in the starting phase.

Finnish growth companies, following through on the previous year, again succeeded in attracting a good amount of international venture capital: in total €38m (€44m), divided between 39 (39) different investment rounds. It is worth noting that the average euro-denominated sizes of venture capital investment rounds by international investors grew fourfold compared to average sizes for Finnish investors.

After the many successful exits made in 2013, the activity level for exits from Finnish portfolio companies in 2014 was the lowest for five years. The sentiment produced by the prevailing economic climate typically has most impact on the functioning of the exit market.

(Source of statistics: preliminary annual data for 2014 issued by The Finnish Venture Capital Association)

Finland’s private equity and venture capital industry 2014 (inc. both venture and buyout)

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