Annual Report 2014

Investments in funds

We develop Finland’s venture capital and private equity market

A high proportion of Finnish Industry Investment’s growth financing is channelled through private equity and venture capital funds. A prime objective for fund investments is to boost the growth and internationalisation of funds’ portfolio companies.  Fund investments catalyse the interest of both Finnish and foreign funds in private equity and venture capital investment in Finland.  Finnish Industry Investment’s investment network channelled a record amount of foreign venture capital into Finnish companies in 2014.

Finnish Industry Investment made new investment commitments to funds totalling €42.3m. Fund investments oiled the workings of Finland’s private equity and venture capital market by participating in the launch of new private equity funds and by launching the FoF Growth II fund. The FoF Growth II fund made two investment commitments: to the Sentica Buyout IV fund and Verso Fund II.


Fund investments and commitments in 2014
Fund Commitment (€m)
Armada Mezzanine Fund IV Ky 5.0
Balderton Capital V, L.P. 6.8
DN Capital - Global Venture Capital III LP 3.0
Inventure Fund II Ky 5.0
Northzone VII L.P. 7.5
Sponsor Fund IV Ky 10.0
Verso Fund II Ky 5.0
Total 42.3
Fund Commitment (€m)
Sentica Buyout IV Ky 10.0
Verso Fund II Ky 15.0
Total 25.0

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